SUSHI TAKEOUT SELECTIONS – 2 x 720 ml, 3 x 200 ml

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Nihonshu wa ryori wo erabanai translates from the Japanese as “Sake does not fight/clash with food”. Sake is more versatile than the most food-friendly wines (Pinot Noir & Riesling). An ideal match for a Sushi takeout night and to enjoy with a wide range of non-Japanese dishes.

Hanagaki Honjozo Sake 720 ml

Gohyakumangoku and Hana Echizen rice milled to 65%, a great three-temperature sake that shines heated to 45C, chilled to 10C, or at room temperature. With its crisp, dry flavour, it's an outstanding match for a number of dishes.

Hanagaki Misatonishiki Junmai Sake 720 ml

Made from 100% Misatonishiki, a new strain of rice born from Yamada-Nishiki and Miyama-Nishiki, rice strains known for producing elegant flavors of incredible depth. The polish is 60%, or beyond the standard of 70% for Junmai sake. Best served around 45C.

Kikusui Nama Genshu Honjozo Sake 3 x 200 ml

The boldest Sake in the group with an intense aromatic profile. Unpasteurized (nama) and undiluted at 19.8% (genshu, most Sakes are 15-16%), expect big tropical fruit and floral notes on the nose and palate, chill well, and enjoy either as an apéritif or digestif.